Friday, October 14, 2011

ODEC Court Case // Keep Ison Rock Ridge Standing!

I received this e-mail from Wise Energy For Virginia. I implore you to attend this court case!

Please join us in court this Wednesday, October 19th to defend local citizen's from ODEC's bullying in court.
This court date was originally set for August 31st but was postponed due to hurricane damage. The location has been moved from Surry to Hopewell. Please turn out and show this judge that wherever he moves his case we will follow!
WHY: A brave group of Surry County citizens have been standing up against ODEC’s efforts to bully local authorities into rezoning their historically rural, agricultural community to make way for a heavily polluting industrial coal plant.   Last year, ODEC and the Town of Dendron forced through massive zoning changes, without providing the basic public notice that is required by law.  Four local citizens have stood up to ODEC and taken them to Court asking only that they provide this notice and hold the vote legally.  Though the law is cut and dry on this matter ODEC is trying to get the case dismissed, saying that the citizens have no legal basis for their court case.
This happened once before, in March, when ODEC tried to frighten the citizens by making them liable for all court costs but the Judge ruled that ODEC's motion was unfounded. This is ODEC's second attempt to throw the court case out. Meanwhile they are blaming the Surry County Plantiffs for delaying the case, publicly and in court!
ODEC’s motion will be heard by the Court this Wednesday morning.  
These brave citizens need YOU to be there to stand in solidarity with them.  These citizens need to know that you are with them, and that you won’t tolerate ODEC’s bullying!
WHEN:  THIS WEDNESDAY, October 19th, at 1:15 PM SHARP!  No one will be allowed in the courtroom after 1:30 PM.
WHERE:  Hopewell Circuit Court, Room 251
100 East Broadway, Hopewell, Va 23860
DETAILS YOU NEED TO KNOW:  At this hearing, the defendants' (ODEC's) demurrer will be heard. At a demurrer hearing, the court will determine whether the facts as alleged in the plaintiffs' complaint state a legal cause of action. ODEC will argue that our complaint has no legal basis and should be dismissed. They will also likely argue that the plaintiffs have or will not be harmed by the rezoning and have no legal standing to bring the lawsuit. It will be a court proceeding. There will NOT be any opportunity for the public to speak.  However, being there in the Court’s gallery is critically important to show the Court that these citizens deserve to be heard and are speaking for all of us. 
RESPECTFUL DRESS IS REQUIRED: Though suits are not required, no one will be allowed in the courtroom with flip-flops, shorts, t-shirts, or tank tops. Please, no cell phones.

If you can attend this hearing please do!


In Wise County, VA there is a mountain known as Ison Rock Ridge. And right now the plan for that mountain is to be destroyed and turned into a 1,200 acre mountaintop removal coal mine. On Wednesday, November 16th, people from all over will be coming together in front of the EPA to ask them to keep Ison Rock Ridge Standing. 
Ison Rock Ridge towers above five small communities, and if this mountain is destroyed, the quality of life for these people will go town the coal ash-covered tubes. The permit calls for mining 300 feet away from certain peoples' houses.


  1. Hey Amanda! Thanks for mentioning these events. I'll be at the court case (prolly w/ my 2 kids), please introduce yourself. Are you plugged into SEAC and Jackie and all the wonderful W&M folks working on Surry? And did Ivy do your Greenpeace training? Look forward to meeting you soon. My blog:

  2. Hi there :) No, I haven't heard anything about SEAC. I would love to, though!
    Ivy didn't do my training. If I had attended the Greenpeace Semester session before the one I did she would have been my trainer. We are friends on Facebook, however! It's very cool that you know her! & I guess I'll be seeing you at the hearing!